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Name of possible horror movie with two female antagonist


Ok so I’ll do my best to give a description of this movie. If there a ? after something, it’s a bit fuzzy and may or may not be correct.

It’s a horror/mystery? movie that begins with a bus/van that gets a blown tire out in BFE. It crashes? And people get out and run to some buildings to get help. They find out it’s a set up for a killing ground. The people record stuff on cell phones? they all die but one. I think there was a explosion? As the police investigate they figure out names of the victims and what not but towards the end of the movie the detectives realize the killer and the survivor (both female) we’re working together to mislead police. They get away free and clear.

That’s the best I can remember. I can’t recall any actors names or faces. But if I saw a trailer, I’d know it right away. I’m sure it was made after 2006 and before 2016. Produce in US most likely.

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Evidence (2013)?

pori Posted new comment Jan 8, 2021

YES!!!! Oh thank you soo much. It’s been driving me crazy

You’re welcome!