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Name of movie with bald masked androids who fall face first on control desks?

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This is an old color sci-fi movie probably released before the 2000s.
I only remember a scene that takes place in a futuristic rectangular moderately lit room with maybe a picture window at the end. The attached image is my take at recreating it in Minecraft. In this room, there is a white long control desk block (shaped a bit like a double-sided bench) with a row of computer screens, keyboards and seats on both sides as pictured. I remember the control desk block being perpendicular to the bay window at the end of the room. There are bald white men with black masks (like round aviator goggles plastered on the face and not supported by the ears) in black coveralls who work seated in front of every computer screen. They appear to be clones.
One of the protagonists of the movie comes next to one of the men and for some reason tries to remove his mask from him. The mask seems hard to remove but when it finally detaches from the face, no human eyes are behind but instead wires and electronics hanging between the mask and the face. The protagonist realizes that the bald workers are in fact androids who then, due to the mask removal, all deactivate and fall face first on the desk.

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I wonder if you’re thinking of the Klytus Observers from the 1980 film Flash Gordon.

There’s a gif of the scene

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Thank you! I was so little when I first saw this movie, I didn’t remember it being so cringy.