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Name of movie where the earth is flooded and there is no land?

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About ten years ago I saw a movie on tv where the world was flooded and there was no land (at least they thought so). People lived on ships and travelled around, sharpies/felt tip pens were very valuable because it was rare to find one that was dry and still writing (not wet and diluted from being underwater). I remember a child in the movie being extremely happy when recieving a sharpie. At the end they find land. Im about 90% sure it is an American movie. Thats all I really remember but it has been stuck in my head for a few years now and i would really love to watch it again. I would be so very happy if anyone could help.

VHS_Lives Answered question Dec 28, 2020

Noo :/ but thank you.


Might be too obvious, but maybe “Waterworld” (1995)?:

tiavesel Posted new comment Mar 9, 2021

No, thats not it but thanks anyway.

there are a couple more world flooded movies/mini series I have found, but sharpies aren’t coming up for me. anything else you remember?

I remember watching it somewhere around 2010 and it seemed old even at that time, but no so old that it was black and white, just sort of bad costumes and over exaggerated dramatic orchestra music kind of old. I was a child then so its a really faint memory but i have remembered it for all this time. Im not actually expecting to find the title of it but still thought i could try