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Name of movie where girl has disease and guy goes across the country to try and find her


So I can’t remember the name of this movie, but it’s where a guy and a girl are at the same office job, but the girl has a disease and doesn’t tell anyone. She starts talking to another guy at her job(the main character) who doesn’t like hiking and being in the country. After that, she leaves suddenly and leaves clues for the guy to find her, but in the end he found her dead. The guy then goes hiking whenever he can to honor her teaching him this world. I think he also ends up marrying the girls sister, because they met along the way.

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I looked it up and it wasn’t that. It was a guy traveling to different places around the country with clues and the guy eventually found the girl dead on a cliff looking at the landscape.

Are you sure? It seems to have everything you describe, I just cannot find a written synopsis of the particular ending, but she was sick the whole time. Sister meets him along way too

Okay nevermind I was looking at the wrong movie, thank you much