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Name of movie relating to assassination of veterans after returning from misson

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Having trouble recalling a movie title. Survivors of a special forces unit return back after taking part in some mission that may have gone array. They might have been set up to all die on that mission but some didn’t. Upon their return, they are hunted down and assassinated one by one. Can’t remember who the protagonist/actor is but it seemed super similar to The Terminal List which we just started (that’s what prompted this discussion). I don’t think it’s “Without Remorse” or “American Assassin”.


Diggumsmack Answered question Jul 30, 2022

Not a real try to solve. “Commando” 1985?

not commando. released in the last couple of years.


The Manchurian Candidate (2004) ???

A little older than your description,

aguafiesta Posted new comment Jul 30, 2022

good idea but not it, thanks for the guess!