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Hi so sorry about how i am gonna explain the plot of the film i saw it like 15+ years ago(also my grammar)

So the film starts out at the life of an orphanage and one of the kids fell off the stairs and died(became a ghost) they called someone out to get him and then afterwards the guy also adopts one of the deceased boy’s friends(is important for later)so the boy roamed around and met some other dead people

.the woman with 3 heads which can swap them
.scottish man with no visible legs
.a girl that drowned
.and a floating skull

later in the film other dead peopled joined as well due to they are fleeing from ghost hunter(if i can remember right) they were captured and then found out that the boys best friend is behind this due to his adopted father had a bussiness capturing ghost and they were put in chambers

thats all i can remember

Thanx in Advance

LedXSenpai Asked question Sep 9, 2020