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I looking for a movie I seen a few times when I was younger but can’t remember the name of it, near the front of the movie, a boy is sent to the store to buy some crackers and returns with salted crackers, the woman says to the boy that these are salted crackers, and that she specifically asked for unsalted crackers because the man the are for can’t have salted crackers because of his heart, and says the boy never listens, this movie came out sometime during the 70’s to 80’s I believe but I could be wrong. I believe this a fantasy movie if I recall right, but again I could be wrong.

MacLeod400 Answered question May 10, 2022

Mammuth (2010) has a similar scene but with a grown man.

You could also look through this list (you can turn the pages at the bottom):


Thank you for your response, but this not the movie I’m looking for, the movie was made prior to 1997, sometime between the 70’s – 90’s if not earlier. I have tried looking through the list and tried narrowing it down with no luck.

MacLeod400 Edited answer May 10, 2022