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Mystery/Thriller movie involving a murder

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Unsure as to this is a movie that actually exists, or just a very realistic dream I had ages ago that just stuck with me (I’m leaning more on the side that this movie actually exists, or else I’d have most likely forgotten about the dream).

All I remember from this movie is that at least one sequence involves a murder, and it is revealed to the audience that the person died of a poison injection after someone stepped on their foot with a pair of crutches that had a needle containing poison that was injected into the victims foot as the person stepped on it with the crutches.
Not much else I remember from it, but if I remember any other details I’ll be sure to update.
A year ago the TOMT subreddit this same question but recieved no answers.

anythinglikeme Posted new comment Jun 18, 2021

Can we rule out the The Umbrella Coup (1980)?

There’s an umbrella in it that can inject poison into the victim via a needle.

Doesn’t ring a bell. From memory the movie was more modern and in English