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Musician and gf beach villa retreat, haunted by red haired woman, record sounds of breathing


Saw on Tubi probably 2020 or 2021, didn’t know Tubi didn’t have watch history so removed it from my list after finishing it, now can’t find it or remember it. Have tried searching and manually scrolling Tubi, but their search and categories are awful.

Set on a vacation in a non-English speaking European country like France or Spain, an artsy indy kind of movie with no known actors at least that I remember or recognized, but nice production values, probably from 2010s. A musician/composer and his gf from another country vacation in this country at a large beach house that is Bohemian and kind of falling apart, and they don’t do much to keep it up, it gets messy and I think part of it floods when it rains, and the pool is a mess. I think they spoke English at some point but not sure, I think part of it was in another language like French, probably the language spoken where they were vacationing. The musician is in a slump and the relationship is strained. They meet up with some friends and having lunch or something. Alone in the house they’re estranged and maybe have a fight, but I think eventually reach some catharsis and have sex. The musician has all this recording equipment and goes to some other house nearby to record, but ends up listening back and hears breathing in a supposedly empty building. In flashbacks or something, he is haunted by the memory of this red haired woman, or maybe he hallucinates her there, or it’s implied she’s a ghost haunting them. In the end, or possibly hinted at at the beginning of the movie, he is in another country with canals so maybe England, and he saw this red haired woman jump into the canal to try to kill herself, I guess she succeeded? I don’t remember if she was his previous gf or just someone he saw, and that’s why he keeps seeing her. I remember he sees her on a cliff on the beach where they are in the movie. It ends with him able to release this somehow and standing on the beach with the waves.

The more I think about it the more it grows on me, of course now that I decided I liked it I can’t find it. Thank you for your help!