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murder/romance movie from 1980s or 1990s


This was a movie about a disturbed young lady (possibly a teenager) kills mother who does not approve of her boyfriend. At the end the boyfriend winds up taking the blame and getting convicted for it to protect her. Just prior to the murder scene, the daughter is hiding the boyfriend in her room, whom her mother had forbade her to see any further. The mom asks the daughter what she wants for breakfast , she replied pancakes. Mom relies back “sure thing honey”. As she is walking up the stairs with the pancakes the boyfriend comes running out of room and goes to hide. The daughter comes out suddenly and shoots mom to death while she is standing on the stairs. She goes back in her room, lays down and starts to laugh. The boyfriend is instructed to dump the body by his GF while she stays home to clean up the blood. The boyfriend does not dump the body, instead he drives to a payphone and calls the police and confesses to the murder despite not doing it. The police tell him on the phone to keep giving details, they tell him he has “lots of time” to keep talking. Suddenly a police cruiser comes rushing over and arrest him. At the end of the day, the boyfriend goes to jail and the daughter walks free. The movie is from 1980s-1990s era. I’d much appreciate it idf anyone can help me identify it!