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Multiple realities movie


Last year I found a movie randomly. It took place in a neighborhood and there was some kind of electromagnetic event or some storm or something that occurred that somehow split the universe into multiple realities and all these people were in a friend’s home and they started realizing that some of them weren’t from that universe and they started going to different houses throughout the night trying to figure out which people were the “real” versions that belong in that universe. They were leaving color coded clues with blue and red markers to try and see who was from which reality. It was interesting and I’d like to rewatch it with my girlfriend.
Anyone remember the name?

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adrock318 Selected answer as best Apr 9, 2022

I also remember one woman brought “Special K” to the dinner party and everyone starts accusing her of spiking their drinks with it because they think they could all be hallucinating.


Coherence (2013)

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That’s it! Thank you so much!