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Movie with tongue blending and booby traps

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So, I remember as a kid watching this one movie that was on DVD. The plot (that I can remember) was about some kids that go into a house, and they avoid booby traps n’ shit while in it. But the entire movie they are trying to escape from it. That’s all I remember. Also the antagonists are these like hillbilly people that blended peoples tongues at the beginning or end (I forgot) and they get arrested at the end of the movie. This is an incredibly vague and confusing description as it was so long ago, and I will be genuinely surprised if anyone can figure it out.

John byers Posted new comment Mar 7, 2022

when we say kids, more like teens or college kids? what year would you have seen this? can you remember anything specific about what anyone looked like or names? box cover?

Think it might be called. Invoking