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Movie with the line, “I read about it.”

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I know that this is hopelessly vague!
Movie was seen around the mid-70’s. The protagonist could do anything that he had read about. For example (not one in the film necessarily), if he needed to learn to ride a horse, he could/would read a book and visualize the skill with such alacrity that he could actually ride a horse with some skill. At the end of the film the villain and protagonist square off (with swords?? can’t for the life of me remember!) and the villain asks, “So have you ever (insert questionable skill that I have forgotten)?”
Answer, “No, but I’ve read about it.”

VHS_Lives Posted new comment Aug 19, 2021

It is a bit later, but could this be “Northstar”?

I know the tv show chuck had the read and learn superpower, but it is way new, but it makes me think it is a trope