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Movie with suicide by gas pump

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I am not sure why this is stuck in my head today. But, many years ago a movie was on in the background of a garage I was working in. It seemed like a good movie. But, I couldn’t really focus on it. I never could figure out what this movie’s title was. CAN YOU HELP?

What I remember of it: I believe it was set in mid-west USA.
A woman kept her, mummified child in the house with her.
Someone committed suicide by ingesting fuel from a gas station pump and then igniting it.
And I believe the movie ended with a boy, clad in an American flag cape, riding a bike down a dirt road. Then getting abducted by a bunch of teenagers in a car.

This movie may have been set in the 40’s or 50’s

Thanks in advance

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pori Selected answer as best Nov 21, 2020
pori Selected answer as best Nov 21, 2020

WOW. You can’t imagine how many years I’ve wondered about this movie. Have you seen it? Did you like it?

Gorgo Posted new comment Nov 21, 2020

I liked the exploding frog, the Fleetwood Caddy and some of the cinematography. I was less fond of the ham-fisted direction, overbearing music and themes of child abuse, radiation sickness and religiously-reinforced ignorance. It’s more creepy than likable, but nevertheless interesting and worth watching if your tastes incline in that direction.