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Movie with incoming hostile aircraft

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I only saw one scene from this movie – somehow, I think this was the opening scene – quite a nightmarish one – where there’s a village and the residents suddenly hear a hum in the air and look up to see an immense formation of incoming aircraft, flying low and slow. The camera then shows the pilots looking down. From what I recall, they were Asian. I recall no attack, they just seem to be flying over to their actual target, but the suspense/tension runs high.

My Google searches were not helpful because all I get is lots of references to war movies and movies about aircraft. This was neither. It’s a modern film, with state-of-the-art visuals. From what I recall, the aircraft looked more like ones from a sci-fi movie than real things. Most likely, this is a sci-fi movie, but not 100% sure.

My summary would be: A sci-fi movie that opens with a scene of an unexpected air invasion.

janeaus Edited question Jun 5, 2020