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Movie with dead woman looking out of a window and series with a head in a fireplace, can you help?


Hi there,

I’m looking for an older british/american movie (must have been filmed before 2003, I’m sure) from what I remember only (I think it was) the last scene in which a woman, who I think was already dead (no, it is not The Others 🙂 ), is looking out of a window, she undraw a courtain and she looks down at her husband with (most likely) his new family and they are getting in the car and drive away and the woman remains in the house as a ghost, knowing/not knowing she is dead. And the woman in the window has curly black hair…this is all I can remember.

And the second one – it must be some episode of a series, I suppose. Also must have been filmed before 2003.
The story takes place probably at the end of 19th century and there are two sisters and one of them (maybe both of them but I’m not sure of it) is murdered and her head is found in a fireplace – this scene has stuck in my head – the fireplace with a head in it…there is also some police investigation and one of the detectives finds the head so I suppose it must be some crime series…and that’s all.

Anyone any idea please? I would be very grafeful.

I’m sorry I can’t tell more but it is almost 20 years since I saw it so these are the only two scenes I can remember.
Also sorry for my english, I’m not a native speaker.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Rasty37 Unselected an answer Jun 29, 2022

1. The film Lake Mungo has some similarities
to your description.
An Australian psychological film from 2008.
It concerns appearances of a young woman (daughter, not mother)
after her mysterious death. Very creepy.

Rasty37 Posted new comment Jun 29, 2022

Thanks for the guess but I’m sure that the movie I’m looking for is older than 2008. It is older than 2003, that is the only thing I’m sure of 😉