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Movie with a scene where the protagonist fights off a bunch of professional stuntmen


I think it’s a comedy movie and it’s also probably live action but essentially the protagonist has to fight off some sort of league of professional stuntmen before a major climactic moment. They do backflips and cartwheels and stuff and sometimes say things like “ay caramba” whenever they get hurt. They also sound like Skeletor from He-Man for whatever reason.

JimbroskiJohnson Edited comment Mar 17, 2022

this would be a parody kind of film? are we sure the characters are called stuntmen? “kung pow” was a huge karate parody, is it something like that?

I’m starting to think I was hallucinating or mixing up multiple different things together cause now I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think it was a karate movie, nor were they explicitly called stuntmen.