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Movie with a Boy Abandoned by his Mother

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I’m pretty sure this was a movie, or made-for-TV movie, my guess is late 80’s to early-mid 90’s (but I could be off).
I don’t remember most of the film, but one scene in my mind stands out: a young boy (probably 7-12 years old) returns home to find his mother has skipped out on him and he’s alone. I think, at some point, an old lady befriends him and tries to help him out. I can’t recall if we ever learn why the mother left, or if she ever got found by the police, but I do recall being absolutely livid that anyone would do that to their child. If anyone knows this movie title, I would be grateful, as a standard search hasn’t turned it up yet.

VampiricButterfly Posted new comment Aug 10, 2021

If it helps at all, the scene impressed on my mind was the kid looking through dressers and finding that all his mother’s clothes and personal things had been taken, and I think he finds a note in his room saying that she was gone.