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Movie where two friends smuggle beaver oil (I think) into Asia on a company ship

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Two friends smuggle animal oil on a company ship to an Asian city. They are told they cannot leave the harbor, but the two sneak in to meet with a rich man there. One makes it back to the ship, but the other is captured and jailed. He makes friends with an older man next to him who inspires him to keep moving forward. I think he then cooks for the people in the prison and they like it, and this is what ultimately gets him out and back to the US. I am not sure if this is a huge plot point or a minor part that I am remembering as a large plot point. Please help. It is driving me bananas.

SlooshasCrossin Posted new comment Aug 18, 2022

I don’t know if this helps, but there might also be a scene on the boat they cross the Pacific on where one friend is bullied/beat up by the crew members and the other (the cook guy) helps him. They sit together up in the cold crow’s nest as a bonding type scene.