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Movie where the generator is almost out of gas and cannot be allowed to go out.

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This was a horror movie, I’m guessing late eighties or early nineties. It had a Stephen King vibe, but I haven’t found it in his catalog. All I remember is that the protagonists were in a cabin in the woods, which had a string of electric light bulbs powered by a gas generator. There was something in the woods that was stalking them, but it was repelled by light. As long as the lights stayed on, they had a fighting chance, but if the lights went out, it would get them. I don’t remember what “it” was, aliens, demons, criminals, insects…simply can’t remember. They were nearly out of gasoline, and the generator was sputtering, causing the lights to flicker.

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VampiricButterfly Posted new comment Aug 25, 2021

Are you certain it was a movie and not an episode series? I know there was an X-Files episode that was very similar to what you’re describing.

Oh, it was that one then. 🙂


Episode titled “Darkness Falls” of the series “The X Files” (1994)

Quote from an IMDb user review:
“(trapped in a log cabin, they die when the generator runs out of gas and lights goes off)”

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