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Movie where kids are left alone in town after all adults are kidnapped

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All the kids of the town are left alone after their parents are kidnapped and taken by some soldiers on a train. After they freak out they realize that they have to take on the roles of the adults. They have their differences so they split into 2 gangs. Its a sort of like the lord of the flies. So they start acting out and end up starting a war against each other, where one of the older kids shoots the little boy who always holds a teddy bear. In the end, they all come together and the parents come back. Some more hints that I remember: theres a kid whos deaf and has stuff hung up on the ceilings of a bell house and he kisses one of the girls, there’s a little boy who wants to be a pilot and has a teddy bear, the teacher has a secret closet and its pink and she ends up with the captian of the soldiers that kidnapped her, theres a boy with long hair and glasses, and an older one who has dark hair and is the mean one who leads the other group that hang out at the bar and drink. I think the cover has some kids standing together with war gear. Also, I believe the movie might be french but I dont know for sure since I watched it so long ago.

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