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Movie where girl loses her virginity to a bedridden old man in the end lol?

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This movie was so weird, but funny and I can’t find it. It’s about a girl (high school/college) who’s trying to lose her virginity. She tries with one guy in his car, but he’s unattracted to her and pulls out a magazine to try to finish that way, but she notices and gets upset, saying something about “you find me that unattractive” or something like that and then she leaves. Another time she tries with some jock and he comments on her perfect t*ts but for some reason it didn’t happen either, can’t remmeber why. Near the end of the movie she ends up doing it with some old man who’s like bedridden, and I believe he was one of the character’s grandfather lmao. Does anyone know what movie I’m talking about??

VHS_Lives Answered question May 11, 2020

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If that’s not it, are there any other details you can think of, the year, the decade even? Thanks.

Filmfind Posted new comment Dec 17, 2017

thats not it, uhhh most i can remember is that it was very long ago, def before like 2013, there was actual nudity, the girl wasnt the most confident… old man might have died/had a heart attack after she had sex with him lol… thats really all i can remember

Hmm. I’m not quite sure.