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Movie where girl kills her mother and is adjusting to new life going around with her boyfriend


What is the name of the movie where a girl supposedly killed her mother when she was younger and is (released from prison? can’t remember).
She is traveling with her boyfriend who is teaching her the things she forgot while in prison.
There is a scene where a guy needs to pee but she tells him to sit while peeing because her mother told her so.
When she meets a stranger she says to him: “My mother told me not to talk to strangers”
The girl always carries around a suitcase with pills that she needs to take. She probably had orange or brown hair.
The whole time they are trying to get some money I believe for somebody’s wedding? Instead of saving the money, they spend it in an amusement park. Her boyfriend mentions “I know you haven’t killed your mother”.
And they want to sell a car.
Before selling a car she gets a panic attack and takes a pill to calm herself down (she falls asleep instantly) so her boyfriend goes to talk to a person to whom they are trying to sell the car.
She is alone in the car and someone comes to her to move the car, but she doesn’t know how to drive and puts the car in reverse hitting a chicken statue that falls onto the car and penetrates the roof.
She then tries to cover up a hole with her suitcase.

The movie was definitely released before 2015 maybe even before 2010 but is in color and not that old in terms of image quality.
That’s all I remember from that movie. Thanks in advance.

MarkMyrs Asked question Jun 6, 2022