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Movie where female assassin/killer revealed to be a man


As a kid in the 80s I remember a movie on TV where, towards the end, a female antagonist killer was chasing the main actor. She gets shot, shelters somewhere and as she’s dying *PLOT TWIST* removes her wig to reveal she was actually a man all along. I remember this was supposed to be quite a surprise that the audience didn’t see coming.

I always thought this movie was “The Crying Game” but I watched that tonight and it turned out to be a completely different story.

It was probably released in the 80s or early 90s. Unsure whether it was in English but I think so, either American or British.

VHS_Lives Answered question Feb 17, 2022

freebie and the bean?

the transgender assassin gets shot and dies in bathroom

Gherkin Posted new comment Feb 17, 2022

No not that one. The trans feminine antagonist was more of an assassin or hired killer tracking down the protagonist. Starting to think my memory is failing me.