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movie where a tree falls down and theres crows?

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So, I was watching YouTube I think when I saw the ad for a new movie/show. This family was on a trip, but a tree fell down in the road, so they got out of the car to check it out and there were a bunch of crows flying out of a tree, so they took another turn into a different town, and they asked the townsfolk to tell them where to go. they said to keep going on the road. so, they did but when they kept going it kept looping around into the same town over and over again. and I think somewhere in there they had a crash or something. I also remember that at night something bad happens so they have to barricade their windows and lock the door, but I didn’t watch long enough to see what was so bad. i dont remember any actors or anything like that. but if any of you guys also saw the add and remember what it called i would really appreciate it. thank you!

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