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Movie where a man takes care of a boy that doesn’t exist, turns out he was the boy himself.

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I saw the movie about 2 years ago (I believe it was Netflix or Prime Video) where a boy gets found by a man and he gets taken care of by his family. The boy goes missing and (I believe it was the “son” of the man who found the boy) goes out to find him. It seems that the boy went back to the family where he was raised, the man tries his best to find him but couldn’t find him. At the end of the movie it appears that there was no boy but the man was the boy himself with mental health issues and the family was just trying to support him because of his mental health.

I believe the movie had a Portuguese / Spanish background?

I couldn’t find anything about this movie online, hopefully someone here has seen the movie (:

xshiirozen Asked question Jun 15, 2022