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movie where a girl cheats death with a deal with an entity, switching places with her friend

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I watched this movie a few years ago, but haven’t been able to find anything about it all. The movie opens with two girls walking together on a pier by the water. Suddenly one of them falls over the edge. the other one grabs her and it is assumed that she is going to drown if she falls in. Then there’s a shot of a white void. The girl that fell over the edge is now there and there is a humanoid figure there, with no eyes and sharp teeth who makes a deal with her for her to switch places with her friend, so that her friend dies while she lives. The girl accepts and now is the one holding the others hand at the pier. The friend dies and the girl that took the deal lives. I don’t particularly remember the middle of this movie, but i believe there were a bunch of kids who try solving a mystery and discover that the girl had cheated death. The girl grows up to be middle aged, and has a kid. After being confronted by the children about taking the deal, and cheating her death, she decides that she made a mistake. There is then another shot of the white void, and the woman takes back her deal. The two girls switch places again and the girl who cheated death this time dies. Her son who she had in her time when she was alive disappears, as she did not have him. The movie ends with the woman and the monster watching the other girl, which is now alive, live her life from the white void. I am unsure about what language it was in, as it was dubbed in polish when i watched it.

FrogFan Asked question Jul 12, 2022