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Movie where 4 guys reunite for a weekend at a house overlooking ocean – drugs, drinking & 2 die.


Trying to find a movie with 4 guys, for a reunion weekend in a house on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Lots of drinking, drugs, jealousy. At least 2 die & are buried on property. Ends with a female cop chasing one last guy near a cliff and he threatens to jump and does.

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Chellyc67 Selected answer as best Feb 25, 2018

“I Melt with You” (2011)

I am pretty sure that this is your movie. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer, there is an option for that.

Chellyc67 Posted new comment Feb 25, 2018

YESSSSS!!!! This is it!! Omg, you don’t even realize how happy you’ve just made me! I couldn’t remember much about this movie because I was really sick when I watched it but now, looking at the trailers, yes this is it! Thank you VERY, VERY much!!!