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Movie Title: Woman attempts a long distance hike unprepared ends up in her motel room eating snacks

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Dear Experts!

My sister and I have been searching for the title of this movie we had watched randomly last year…and can NOT find any leads on the internet.

We only remember some of the following points about the plot line/these scenes:

– woman is fed up with her life/relationship (maybe?) decides to hike the Pacific Crest Trail
– is very unprepared, overpacks but doesn’t want to undo everything, and the ranger won’t let her through to start the hike ( because she has too much stuff?)
– she quits and spends many days in her motel room eating snacks instead of hiking
– but finally re-attempts and runs into different hiking groups…with a scene of arguing hikers about weather or not they read the book or watched the movie? ( assuming it was in reference to the WILD (2014) film and in terms of which one inspired them to do the hike book or movie)
– we think she didn’t finish and quits the hike after making a phone call about why she is even doing this

We are completely lost, but it has been driving us crazy….so if anyone can help we would be very grateful!!! 😀

Thank you!


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VHS_Lives Answered question Oct 13, 2021

Are you sure this isn’t “Wild”?

No, I believe the other hikers were referencing the Wild (2014) film in this movie we are searching for, asking if it was the book or film that inspired their hike.


That’s it! Thank you !!

No problem. It through me off for a while before I checked references on the wild film and voila.