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Movie title I’m dying to know

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Okay so I’ve been trying to search for this movie high and low as a few scenes of it remained engrained in my mind from when I was in the fifth or fourth grade and a friend brought in this movie for movie day, I can only remember bits and pieces mainly the cast of characters that all looked eccentric and from a Victorian era what I can remember vividly is a vampire lady, a dude with hulk like powers in that if he drank a serum he’d change into that form but when ever he looked in a mirror he appeared as his normal self and lastly a dude that towards the end of the movie vampire lady nocks down and uncovers this portrait of a skeleton that the dude had been covering he just screams in horror as he starts turning into the skeleton in the portrait esencialy dying and the portrait is changed with his face theirs other characters but my memory is too fuzzy to remember much more than a Hindi looking man who fought with scimitars

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“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (2003)?

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