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Movie Title?? car crash, mechanic, dream

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I must have watched this movie 20 years ago or so which would put it around 2000 or slightly before that.

It started with a fellow (I think he was a mechanic) who got in a car crash with a beautiful woman in a fancy car. After he gets out I think he convinces her to let him fix her car and it goes from there. He starts a mechanic garage and starts working on high profile cars for high profile clients brought to him by the woman. He gets famous and rich and gets with the woman. Everything is awesome until it all starts to go bad. I can’t remember how it goes bad, I just remember everything starts going sideways for the fellow.

Eventually he wakes up and finds it was all a dream. But then I think he eventually finds himself beside one of the women from his dream. It was a really nice woman from his dream, not the one who ruined him.

And that is the end of the movie.

Oldnag Asked question Oct 27, 2020