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Movie, that I can not find for several years. Can you help me?

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Hey guys,

for several years, I can not find the name of the movie that I have seen when I was young.

The movie was about an ex-con, that had a new identity and was trying to make some hard earn living. He saves someone (I guess coworker), the press writes about him and people will realize who he is. People will get mad at him and almost nobody cares about that he is trying to do good.
The movie is probably around 2000 – 2010, I am not sure about that. I guess the main actor is (was) kind of popular.
By any chance, do you know something about it? 🙂


casspir Answered question Jan 6, 2021

Not a perfect match, but maybe
“A History of Violence” (2005)?

casspir Answered question Jan 6, 2021