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Movie / series where a girl can slow down time. (extract from TikTok in link)


Hi, I am trying to find this movie / tv program from an extract on TikTok. (I am not sure if is a movie or not)


#movie #fy #foyou

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Here’s the plot:

A young girl discovers she can slow down time

She goes out and puts on a yellow coat. She walks into a bar.

She discovers there’s a robbery in progress.

She neutralizes the robbers in super speed and moves bullets out of the way while mid-air. She even tidies up the mess.

Seems to be set in the USA, new york perhaps.


JoeKing12001 Posted new comment Jul 9, 2022

IMdB says there is a short of 2016 called lightning girl, as it says at the top of the video, but there is no picture or synopsis.