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Movie scene: American woman reaching American embassy while being shot at

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I’m looking for a specific movie scene. I cannot remember the rest of the movie, but only one scene:

A young white US-American woman is somewhere abroad (Eastern Europe?) and gets in a dangerous situation. Can’t remember exactly, if she is just being pursued by criminals, or even shot at. She finally reaches the US embassy, she holds up her passport while running towards the building, shouting “I’m American” (or something) and I think the American security guards not even let her immediately in, but even shoot at her prosecutors.

It was definitely a Hollywood movie and thriller. I guess from between ca. 1995 and 2010.

A video link to that scene (even without title) could already help me. Thanks!

casspir Answered question Jan 14, 2021

Maybe “The Saint” (1997)?
Detailed plot summary on WIkipedia here:

Quote from the above Wikipedia page:
Emma safely makes it to the embassy for political asylum, while Simon allows himself to be caught by Ilya as a distraction.”

casspir Edited answer Jan 14, 2021