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Movie on Netflix circa 2010-2013 (I think)

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Years ago, I watched this movie on Netflix. I think it was an indie movie, not really a big deal. Something reminded me of it the other day and now it’s driving me crazy because I can’t find it. It was about a guy who was very in love with his girlfriend, and he wanted to propose, but she was acting more and more distant. Eventually you find out she was really a lesbian and had a girlfriend on the side, and she was sleeping with her boyfriends friend because he knew the truth and she was trying to keep him from letting out her secret. He was blackmailing her. Her, the boyfriend, and said boyfriends friend were all living in a cabin of some sort for the summer if I remember correctly. She ended up leaving her boyfriend for her girlfriend. Judging by my million google searches of this plot, it doesn’t seem to be a popular movie.. but if anyone knows what I’m talking about please help! It’s making me crazy that I can’t remember the name

kerit1996 Asked question Dec 20, 2017