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There was a movie I saw on Netflix years ago. It involved a guy stalking a girl that worked as a cashier. He kidnaps the girls abusive boyfriend and goes to the store and buys cat food that he feeds to him and tells the girl he doesn’t think his cat will live much longer. I also remember a group of people who take a picture in front of his car then leave a note asking to do a photo shoot with the car. It was red, I think it may have been a hummer or a truck, with horns on the front. He tells the boyfriend after he kidnaps him that he’ll separate his boys and put it in separate trash bags.

Abba Answered question Jul 19, 2022

I’m sure all the details match; but this sounds like season one of the series “You” which debuted on netflix in 2018.

Here is a YouTube link to a season 1 recap!

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