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Movie Name with Homeless People

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I do not remember when I saw this movie. It is similar to a Hallmark movie and may be.

I believe the mother was killed when the daughter was young. The father may have accidentally caused her death. I think he may have been a doctor. She is now an adult with a child of her own. They go to another state to the house that belonged to her parents to sell it. Her father disappeared and is now homeless. There is some connection between her uncle and father, if the father needs something the uncle can get it to him. The uncle also had somethng to do with carnivals and has a shop where he does repair work. The uncle convinces her to go to the opera while in town. When people park their cars in a parking garage, homeless people come out and lay against the hoods of the cars to get warm. Her father is one of them. The uncle knew he would be there (I think) and wanted her to see how her father was living. It is her father’s choice to live like that.

Any ideas?



Lynat Asked question Feb 7, 2019