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Movie is 35 to 31 years old

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Girl crushes on older man, takes pictures with her friend. Talks to him on the phone and gives him her mom’s name. Her mom takes her phone away and he breaks in to kill her. He’s a serial killer as well, lights a ton of candles. He’s pushed out a window after being sprayed by mace I think. Mom came to the rescue.

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“Lisa” (1989)
Detailed plot on Wikipedia here:

Quote from Wikipedia:

“Meanwhile, there is a serial killer running loose in Venice Beach, nicknamed the Candlelight Killer, so called because he seduces and rapes his victims by candlelight before killing them.”

At the end of the movie Katherine, the mother saves her daughter Lisa. Quote from Wikipedia:

“Meanwhile, Lisa returns home and enters the apartment. Running into her room she is attacked by Richard who has knocked her mother unconscious. Richard brings Lisa into Katherine’s bedroom and plans to assault her; Lisa sees the candles and realizes he is the Candlelight Killer. Katherine regains consciousness, however, and knocks Richard out a window to his death.

I am pretty sure that this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer, there is an option for that.

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