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Movie from 1980s or 1990s – poor single mom meets wealthy boyfriend

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A single mom meets a wealthy guy and there are several scenes describing the social gap between them:
1) The guy picks her up for a date at a fancy restaurant and when he sees her he says “oh I am sorry, you haven’t changed yet” and she is wearing her best dress.
2) They go shopping together to prepare a meal and when they come to the cash register with loads of expensive products, the guy discovers a jar of grated parmesan. “What is this?” he says and she says “parmesan. It was on the list”. He takes it and runs to change it for real parmesan but in the meantime all products have been scanned and the cashier says that will be XXXX dollars. And she freaks out because she can’t pay and she is unable to say that my boyfriend will be back, he is paying.
3) She sits on the porch of her cute little house and tells a story about how in her church they had asked for food donations for poor families for Xmas and she had spent hours picking fruit and making jelly and donated several jars and then before Xmas she got a package with some of her own jars.
I think the actress is someone quite well known, and the actor too. Both are caucasian.

Bir van Syl Asked question Jul 15, 2020