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Movie: Female druglord, appliance warehouse front, gets shot.

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From what I remember the main character is a woman(#1) that finds out that this other woman sells drugs but hides it by selling refrigerators, large appliances from a warehouse. Druglord lady (woman #2) annoys or threatens woman#1 by sending refrigerators and large appliances to her home trying to get her to do something for her. Woman #2 later in the movie gets shot in the leg(I think) in her home and while bleeding out by the pool, her little son finds her & calls woman#2 (thinking they’re good friends) for help and she has her go to the warehouse to get her drugs to help manage the pain from the gunshot.

Someone must have recollection of this movie! It’s driving me insane

Z Elli Changed status to publish Jun 19, 2021