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Movie ending in desert – woman trying to get to a border (i think)

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Hello, this has been bugging me for days and I don’t have a lot I remember but ill try my best.

All I can remember is the end of this film and this woman is trying to get somewhere (a border I think) and a man hands her water as she is injured, the movie then pans out with the assumption she doesn’t make it to the border. The man has to let others cross the border first then come back for her as she’s injured. That’s all I got 🙁

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Assani Selected answer as best Apr 30, 2022

That sounds like the finale of the last season of Orange is the New Black

Stonebroke Posted new comment May 1, 2022

OMG it is, thank you so much had been bugging me for weeks hahahaahh

No problem