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Movie clip – Eddie?

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Not even sure if it’s movie or tv sorry, but it’s been driving me crazy for two days!

All I can see is a man advancing on a woman (maybe he’s a monster, maybe just angry, idk) and she’s trying to calm him down, sternly repeating his name ‘Eddie’, although clearly quite scared.

Thank you for any clues or ideas!

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Alexxxia Selected answer as best Nov 5, 2020

Got it! Watchmen (the movie, not the series). How do I mark this post as solved – it won’t let me flag it?

You can add the answer yourself.



Alexxxia Selected answer as best Nov 5, 2020

Maybe The Howling (1981)?

There is a scene similar to what you describe a little over an hour into the movie. Eddie (Robert Picardo) is a serial killer with an obsession for a TV news anchor Karen (Dee Wallace). In the beginning of the film, she works with the police to catch him in a sting operation, but things go wrong and Eddie nearly kills Karen in a porno booth. The cops show up just in time and shoot Eddie — apparently killing him. But the traumatized Karen has blocked out that in the seconds before the shooting Eddie was transforming into a monster in the dark booth. Eddie is a werewolf, and the cop’s bullits couldn’t kill him. He corners Karen later in the film in a medical clinic. She is terrified to see him alive. Eddie slowly advances on Karen as she backs away until she is against the wall. Karen says “Eddie” a couple of times as she backs away from him, though not in a particularly stern way.

Alexxxia Posted new comment Oct 17, 2020

Thanks Tim but I’ve just watched the clip and I don’t think that’s the one.

It’s the tone I remember particularly, a little bit warning, almost like you’d talk to a bad dog (so the werewolf angle was a good guess!)