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movie (before 2002) ending actress pushed bad guy off the roof

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Actress with long blonde hair, looked like Cate Blanchett? Casts-all white

The movie started with a sniper’s scope (there was a villa in the movie).

In the film, there is a policeman (it seems) who has been closely protecting the heroine. However, the heroine was nearly killed on two occasions. In one case, it seems that an old cop almost killed the heroine with a gun. The bodyguard came back in time to rescue her and killed the cop.

Another detail, the bodyguard told the heroine not to contact outside in order to be safe. However, the heroine still secretly made a phone call with a landline. The heroine once misunderstood that the bodyguard was not on her side. She cried and quarrelled with him. (there were kissing scenes between the heroine and the bodyguard at home)

At the end of the film, the heroine was sunbathing on the roof, and then a bad guy came in trying to rape her. The heroine pretended to obey, then pushed the man down off the roof. The man fell and hit the car parked on the ground. (this is the ending and i could remember it clearly)

I could remember so many details but still couldn’t find the movie, please anyone who has seen it, help me.

iris Edited question Nov 25, 2021