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Movie about woman who breaks into house of paranormal investigator who conned her

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It’s a movie about a British woman who gets conned by a paranormal investigator. She gets conned out of all her money and her life is ruined. So she moves in to a house near where the investigator is doing an investigation. The woman breaks into the house where the investigator is and messes with the paranormal investigator. And the whole movie is filmed from the perspective of the woman on her cell phone or a camera or something like that.

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pori Selected answer as best Jul 24, 2022

I think I saw this particular movie a couple of years ago. If I remember correctly, the title of the film has somewhat of an address name?! Such as: House/Haunting At Shepherd Lane/Avenue, or something similar to a street address.

From what I recall, there are two women. One claims to be a psychic/medium that posts her experiences on social platforms. The other woman is a critic/skeptic, and calls her out online for being a fraud. The critic/skeptic does break into the pychic’s home and gets the shock of her life.

I’ll try to search again to find the exact title of this film. If I remember correctly, I first saw this on Amazon or Hulu.

*Edit/Update* : I just found the name of the film I had previously described. It’s called: A House in Sherwood

BuckAhRue Posted new comment Jul 24, 2022

Thank you!!

You’re Welcome! I’m glad I stumbled across it, in my opinion it’s a good hidden gem.