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Movie about lost toys? (stop motion/holiday)?

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I have been trying to figure out the name of this holiday film I remember from a long time ago. I remember it was a film about a bunch of toys who get lost and have to take a journey to the city for Christmas? The last scene is the toys trying to cross a busy modern bridge while it is snowing. Some of them are falling apart(teddy bear) and losing hope that they will make it. A Miracle happens and they are saved somehow. I know for sure that it is a holiday film and it is not “island of misfit toys”

wizpow Posted new comment Nov 7, 2020

it couldn’t be regular aninimation like “forgotten toys” the movie or tv show? was the stop motion on puppets or clay figures?

I’m pretty sure it was a stop motion film. There are so many holiday movies like this it makes my head spin.