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Movie about friends being held captive in a forest

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Its been a long time since I watched this movie and its one of those that just come back into my memory and I have no idea on how to find it.

I believe the plot opens with four people driving thru a forest when they encounter problems with their car. Im not sure if its car issues or with the enviroment but I believe they are then approached by the villians of the movie, a pair of brothers living in a cabin by a lke. The main characters are then taken to the cabin and held captive in what i remember as a shipping container near the area. I dont really remember what happens whit them after that, but I believe they never get away from the antagonist.

While the main characters are held captive a detective starts looking for them and manages to find the cabin, but when he starts asking the brothers about the missing people, he is then made uncounscious and later gets dumped in the lake by the brothers while still in his car.

I dont really remember any more of this movie, but I watched it on TV with my father approx 10 years ago, and since had some searching sessions with no luck.

Hope anyone here knows about this one!

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MagiskeMaya Selected answer as best May 10, 2022

Yes! This is exactly that movie, I can let this head scratcher be laid to rest now



i don’t remember the policeman part, but this may be it

MagiskeMaya Posted new comment May 9, 2022

Thank you for the answer, but this dosnt seem to be it sadly. I have no recollections of any of the scenes in this movie, but thanks for the answer!