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Movie about device turning people into stone after looking into it.


Hey there!

I few years ago I watched a movie in which some company released a TV accessory product, but it was evil and designed to kill people and it would do so by turning people into stone. Or some hackers tampered with the device and planned to use it to kill remotely. Or something like that. Not quite sure about the plot anymore.

The first victim was some old grandfather who hit the device a few times and it would kill him when he looked into it. Supposedly the device hypnotized you when you looked into a certain eye or “camera” part of it and then would trigger increased calcium production, turning victims into stone in seconds.

The CEO of the company was also killed later during the release conference of the device and the main characters rushed to disable the system before it could kill countless other people.

Does anyone know the title of this movie? The killer device somewhat reminded me of HAL 9000, I think it had the same “red eye” on it, but I could have mixed it up.

That’s all I can remember.



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Nice, this is it! SOLVED!

Thank you VHS_Lives

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