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Movie about an old and ugly journalist that travels to an island


It’s about a journalist that has to travel to an island because of a case he’s following. Once he gets there he stumbles over a beautiful young lady (blonde, skinny). At first the girl kind of dislikes him but he grows on her and he ends up with her. The journalist is an older man (short, deemed as ugly, with grey hair and maybe around 50 years old).
I sort of remember the movie was European
I last saw it around eight years ago and I think the movie must have been made in 2005 to 2010.

lll123 Unselected an answer Jun 5, 2022

Thank you, it does hold some similarities but I dont think thats it I remember the man was a reporter, and the girl did end up falling in love with him. It was friends of the girl that didnt like the man and wanted to get between them. Besides I saw it on TV, so I think it didnt have that many sexual scenes