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Movie about an assassin with brain tumor/cancer and a suicidal partner

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Hey there!

I’ve been looking for this movie for over a decade now but i can’t find it.

The movie is about a retired hitman with a brain tumor (cancer?) that gets hired for a last job to kill some sort of politician so he can get some money for his (ex?) wife and daughter.

He gets paired up with a mentally unstable (suicidal) young man that lives at a scrapyard with his brother.

There’s a scene where they show the suicidal guy on a gurney after he slit his own throat with a broken bottle.

They get betrayed and try to get revenge.

The movie ends with the older hitman convincing the young guy to shoot him in the head as he stands looking out over a river during dusk or dawn.

The movie is probably European and I don’t recognize any of the actors.

Hope you can help me!

Gaffelkungen Asked question Aug 25, 2020