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Movie about american country family killed and girl that have to save her kidnapped sisters

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One of my friend is looking for a movie that he saw around 15 years ago on tv (it could be less or more than 15).
The plot is that: a part of a family (father, mother, brother), that lives in an american country house, is killed by someone. Only the sisters survive but they are kidnapped by the same killer.
One of the sisters (the protagonist) have to save the others.

At the end is discovered that the murderer is the protagonist.

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pori Selected answer as best Aug 10, 2022

Sounds like Haute Tension (2003)

Thank you pori! He confirmed that it is the movie. He confused some details 😛

You’re welcome 🤗


Haute Tension (2003)

pori Selected answer as best Aug 10, 2022